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* Please ask about portions sizes for all cakes to determine the size of cake you will need.

* Sponge and chocolate cakes do not have nuts as an ingredient unless stated but there may be

Nut traces present. Our fruitcake does contain nuts and alcohol.

* Our cakes are made with vegetable fats and contain dairy products.

* Due to suppliers sometimes designs may have to be change slightly depending on what product are available at the time.


Wedding Cakes

* You will always be given written order confirmation if requested. Please check it and notify us if anything is not correct.


Cake Storage and Shelf Life

* All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface.

* Never put cakes in the fridge other than fresh dairy cream cakes.

* Sponge, Chocolate and Carrot cakes ect.... will keep for one week after delivery uncut.

* Fruitcake last perfectly well for months not years.



* CORR'S CAKES IS A BESPOKE SERVICE, WE WILL NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLES DESIGNS AND ALL ORDERS ARE ONE OFF CREATIONS. Photos my be used for inspiration but designs will not be copied 100%, you are booking and paying for Corr's cakes work and design.

*Please order your wedding/occasion cakes as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Wedding cake orders can be made 2 years in advance.

Once a deposit is paid you agree to these terms and conditions and the deposit becomes non refundable.

* A £30 damages deposit is payable for cake stands which will be returned once you return the stand is it original condition.

* It is not possible to create exact specifications when modeling food, just a graphical representation.

* If an inscription color or any other choice is left un-selected on your order then we reserve the right to use our own discretion..

* Orders may be change eg design, date (subject to availability) and increased numbers, but the order value cannot be less than originally booked even if numbers go down.



* £50.00 deposit is required to confirm your order for all wedding cakes and orders over £100, All other cakes require £20.00 deposit , deposits are non refundable. The remaining balance is due at the cake viewing if your cake is being delivered or on the day of collection if your picking your cake up.

*Balances for a wedding cake must be paid 2 weeks before the wedding date.

* Damages deposits will be returned within 2 weeks of receiving the glass wear or cake stands back.


Delivery original condition

* If you need to pick your cake up before 1pm please order it for the day before as due to other commitments morning pickups are NOT possible.

* We offer free delivery service within the barrow area on wedding cakes only. Deliveries outside of barrow are available for £5.00 start fee and £1.00 per mile after that.


Cake photographs and Designs

*All cake designs are copyrighted to Corr's cakes

*All photographs of the cakes and displays are copyrighted to Corr's cakes

*Corr's Cakes holds the right to use all photographs of the cakes they have made for Promotional purposes.

If you wish for photographs of your cake to not be used in this way you must make this clear in writing at the time of booking.



* If you cancel your wedding cake order for any reason up to thirty one (31) days before your wedding date, the deposit (£50) is non-refundable. All other monies paid will be refunded within fourteen (14) working days.

* If your wedding cake order is cancelled less than thirty one (31) days from the designated wedding date, you shall receive a refund of 25% of anything paid over the £50 non refundable deposit.

* For all other cakes if you choose to cancel for whatever reason the deposit is non refundable. If you have paid your cake in full and want to cancel you must do so no later than 14 days before the order date, OR THE MONEY MAY NOT BE REFUNDERBLE DEPENDING ON IF THE STOCK HAS BEEN PURCHASED FOR YOUR ORDER.  Any refund will be refunded within fourteen (14) working days.


Deposit Transfers

* Your deposit may be transferable depending on 1, if the new date is available, not already fully booked and doesn’t fall in a holiday 2, if enough notice is given and no money was lost from turning orders away from the original date. If it is agreed a deposit can be transferred then the new orders value cannot be less than the original order.

If the new date is not available the order will be cancelled and the deposit will be none refundable.



* Cakes must be checked on collection, The person who collects the cake is responsible for the cake and repair for accidents cannot be made.

* Corrections and repairs to cakes, including inscription mistakes, can be corrected on the same day in most cases.

* The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake and delivery. Further compensation is not available.



The prices really depends on size, flavor, decoration and design, but below is a rough price guide.

For a quote please contact me



Cupcakes just frosting - from £1.50

Cupcakes decorated without wrappers - from £1.80

Cupcakes with wrappers - from £2.50

Mini cakes - from £4.50


Occasion Cakes

One tier decorated cakes - from £45.00

Two tier decorated cakes - from £65.00

Three tier decorated cakes - from £120.00


Iced Wedding cakes

Three tiers - from £250.00

Four tiers from - £300.00

Five tiers from - £350.00

 Naked wedding cake from - £200.00



Sculpted cakes - from £50.00

Single Number cakes - from £40.00


Contact me for a no obligation quote


The chart below is just a guild based on small wedding cake slices.